I create content that compels action

I am driven by my two passions: creative writing and business strategy. I believe in quality copywriting that is backed by research and psychological insights. I deliver bold, original content that boosts conversions and tells your brand's unique story.

I also believe less is more. So, I'll spare you the buzzwords and cliches. Let's cut to the chase.

Why hire me? What sets me apart?

1. I didn't feel like waiting...

Impatient and ready to start my digital marketing career, I started working full-time in my Junior year of college. I haven't stopped since. I am graduating with my Bachelor's Degree this Fall, and I already have 1.5 year's of professional experience. 

2. Depth

Over the course of my 3 paid internships, I developed a wide range of practical skills. I learned how to use powerful digital marketing tools, how to launch paid media campaigns, and how to connect with a diverse group of audiences. 

3. More than just a marketing degree

In addition to a traditional marketing concentration, I am studying social psychology. This gives me unique insight into consumer behavior which helps elevate my copywriting and ability to connect with potential audiences.

4. Above and beyond

I've earned professional certifications from some of today's top tech companies and online learning platforms like Google, Hootsuite, and Hubspot. As digital marketing evolves, I evolve with it. See my resume for a full list of my online courses.

5. Proven results

Unlike most recent college grads, I've delivered real companies, real results. At all 3 of my paid internships, I made a significant positive impact on the project I was assigned. Read one of my Case Studies, the data speaks for itself.

The bottom line: 

I have 1.5 year’s of work experience,  a vast technical skillset, a traditional business education that is complemented by specialized digital marketing training, and a proven track record of success in 3 different positions.

A Broad Technological Skillset

My technical knowledge and experience working with top marketing tools has prepared me for success in many different digital marketing positions.